How to accelerate the fat burning?

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optymalne_odchudzanie_300x250Obesity and overweight are not only aesthetic problems. They are primarily the specific health consequences. In the United States where the proportion of the obesity people is the highest, it is estimated that 14% of cancers in men and 20% in women are caused by obesity. This unfortunately is not all. The excess of weight dramatically increases the risk of diabetes. 20 years ago, 30 million people suffered from diabetes , today the problem of diabetes have 250 million people.

Where does the fat come from?

The amount of fat cells is programmed at the end of puberty. By that time set at home and at school eating habits are especially important because at this time is as natural body weight,

The young man can produce excess fat cells which, unfortunately, he can not get rid of. For this reason, only adults can lose weight by reducing the amount of fat accumulated in the cells. They are unable to get rid of accumulated cells at once.

It should be borne in mind when planning the child’s daily menu. This is what we neglect in the case of children, unfortunately it will have a revenge in the future.

We eat often but small portions

The main mistake of people on the diet is a starvation. Meanwhile, in order to lose weight, you should eat often, but in small portions, this way we stimulate the work of digestive system and counteract the accumulation of fat.

The body knows, you are going to eat something again soon, so that keeps burning calories at the same level and keep using the obtained reserves.

We eat dinner

Many people who want to lose weight resign from dinner. This is another mistake. We should eat something light before going to bed. The best time is 3-4h before bedtime. In this way, we force our body to maintain metabolism at the right level.

We move

There is nothing that turns up the metabolism, and physical activity. Just do some exercises for twenty minutes and for over the next twenty metabolism will be higher. Of course, we get the best results if physical activity will last longer for a minimum 40 minutes, and it will have an average intensity.

However, you don’t need to worry about if organise your time at the gym or in the swimming pool. The daily habits and choices are very important such as walking instead of going by a car or public transport.

Fruits speed up fat burning

If you want to get rid of fat quickly, you should also consult the dietary supplements containing fruit with proven slimming effects. Among them, the top places extends the acai berry and African mango.

Included in these fruits active ingredients stimulate the metabolism and allow you to reduce food intake, so they bring a real advantage and increase the chances of success of the chosen method of weight loss.

Food stuffs burning body fat

In addition to the food supplements containing exotic fruits that slimming,you should reach for foods available in the regular sale which reduces the weight by reducing appetite.

The very important among them are almonds providing a substantial dose of fiber. Good results can also bring green tea known for centuries as a way to maintain optimal weight. Systematically pita speeds up fat burning and regulates digestion. For daily menu it is also worth to include coconut oil known from positive health effects, besides it is quickly changed into energy, so it is not stored as fat. And finally, it is worth to mention cinnamon spice which regulates blood sugar levels and speeds up the metabolism.


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