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africanmango_300x250The African mango is a plant growing in the jungle in Cameroon. For hundreds of years, helping the natives in the period of lower yields, it was irreplaceable as a remedy to reduce appetite and a way of lack of food. And it also allowed to survive long journeys and hunting when access to food was difficult.

Today, the benefits of the African mango are also available for residents of Europe and the fruit became very well known for people on a diet. Why?

For two basic reasons: the African mango is conducive of burning calories while reducing hunger and secondly? It provides valuable substances that help maintain harmony in the body, promote to stay healthy and reduce the problem with snacking and the appetite for unhealthy snacks and meals.

A large number of healthy fats

The African mango is a valuable source of healthy fats include: lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid. These acids are essential for proper brain function, muscle development, and preservation of harmony in the body ..

The high fiber content and other substances

The African mango is rich in valuable vitamins and nutrients. It contains large amounts of fiber which in the digestive system operates in a similar way as brushes? removing any unwanted substances.

Moreover, it is rich in beta-carotene, which prevents some tumors, high blood pressure, infertility. It also provides calcium, iron, vitamins B.

The high fiber content in the African mango helps clean fat especially from belly and reduce waist circumference.

Relieves diarrhea

The African mango has a beneficial effect on digestion? It prevents both diarrhea and constipation. It regulates the frequency of defecation and has beneficial effects on metabolism.

Reduces appetite

The African mango increases the leptin hormone, thereby reduces appetite and makes to have a sense of satiety for longer. We need to consume extra calories significantly decreases and the desire to snacking is drastically minimized.

Prevents accumulation of fats

The African fruit protects against fat accumulation. It increases the breakdown of fat and allows you to control your figure, favoring to maintain a proper weight.

It allows you to control the level of sugar in the blood

The African mango also has a beneficial effect to control of blood sugar levels. This method is excellent in the prevention of diabetes.

How does it work? Slows the absorption of sugar what allows to maintain a satiety for longer.

It reduces levels of bad cholesterol

The researchers found out that the extract of the African mango seed has an amazing effect. Significantly reduces levels of bad cholesterol while improves heart function, and raises hormone levels to allow increase the amount of insulin. The consequences are very beneficial. The body is forced to access the store fat for energy production.


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