African Mango

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schudlam_300x250The African mango (African Mango) is the answer for people who are trying to lose weight for years unsuccessfully. It is a way for all those who want to look better but lost their hope that they will be able to achieve success. For all those who have tried different diets, pills and measures to improve metabolism and appetite reduction. African Mango grows in the Congo, Nigeria, on the Ivory Coast and in Uganda . The tree grows in dry and wet tropical climate and reaches up to 40 meters.

How does the African Mango let you to lose weight?

The African mango (Irvingia Gabonensis), also known as wild mango, Dika, bush mango, ogbono supports the struggle with the slim figure. It does this in many ways.

Most of all :

  • reduce appetite,
  • provides a feeling of fullness,
  • reduces fancy for a fatty snacks and sweets,
  • burns body fat,
  • gets rid of harmful toxins,
  • aids digestion,
  • it allows you to keep harmony in the body? It is rich in valuable vitamins and nutrients? Vitamin C, E, B6, C, omega 6, 3 and 9 and many others,
  • It contains polyphenols which reduces the risk of accumulation of new deposits of fat, whereby the body is forced to turn to for its inventory.

Besides It was proved that the African Mango has beneficial effects on diabetes, fighting microorganisms and it also has an analgesic effect.

The effectiveness clinically proved

When you fight for a slim silhouette the worst thing you can do is to use an ineffective methods. Not only we lose our precious free time but we have badly influence on the metabolism and further attempts to lose weight are even more difficult.

All unsuccessful treatments are memorized by a cell which by the next time you try to lose some weight are reluctant to co-operate and much less resistant to treatments tending to throw off excess calories.

Research on the effectiveness of the African mango was carried out in 2009. Then examined its action for 10 weeks on 102 persons.

One group received the African mango, the other a placebo. None of the people did not know what to eat and did not change diet or lifestyle.

We found out that the group receiving the fruit of the African mango after 10 weeks lost weight an average of 12.5 kilograms, got rid of 17 cm at the waist and could also reduce the body fat of 18.4%.

It has been shown that the African mango has inhibitory effect on the enzyme dehydrogenase, glycerol-3-phosphate associated with the conversion of glucose into fat stores. In addition, the fruit reduces the secretion of leptin which helps to curb the absorption of active substances, including excess fat.

Other test results? Conducted in 2005 which also proved the effectiveness of African mango. The study found out that the fruit allowed to reduce weight by an average of 5.26%. In addition, reduced hips and waist.

The African mango is safe

How does it differ from other African mango weight loss methods?

First of all, that taking it has no side effects. For example, it hailed as a hit the ephedrine has led to a number of heart attacks, strokes and became a trigger for cardiovascular disease.

Fenfluramine active substance known as Fen-Phen caused myocardial fibrosis and pulmonary hypertension. Other measures have also been known to cause unpleasant cardiology consequences.

Thr mango seed extract is different because it allows fighting with appetite in a natural way, fully controlled, without side effects.

For years it was used by the local population during long trips? to reduce hunger and allow long travels with a guarantee of enduring to the end in good shape. Now it is also available to Europeans as a reliable way to lose weight.


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